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Chuck Ramsay's comeback from cocaine addiction.

We are all susceptible

Lawyerist has a story about attorney Chuck Ramsay’s fall into addiction and climb back out. You may remember that he was arrested in 2009 for possession of cocaine–in the courthouse, while in trial.  Ramsay’s story is for everybody, though, because everybody is susceptible to addiction.

“Whether or not addiction is a disease, we are all susceptible in varying degrees, and we owe it to ourselves and to others to do our best to come back,” writes author Chris Bradley.

Addiction is an enormous problem in our profession.  If you need help for addiction, mental illness or suicidal ideation, call Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers at (651) 646-5590.

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  1. Hi, Barbara. Thanks for writing about this. For your readers, here’s the link to the Lawyerist piece: http://lawyerist.com/chuck-ramsay-cocaine-recovery/. Chuck told me that he hopes this can help people take the first step toward recovery.

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