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ABA policy set; FindLaw sued, has home court advantage?; and more in today's Sidebar.

Sidebar: Lawyer doesn’t like the way the car is parked

Was he at anger management class?

Apparently St. Paul Frank Schulte’s meeting Saturday night didn’t go too well. He was arrested later than night and charged with interference with a 911 call, disorderly conduct and fifth-degree assault, the Pioneer Press reports. Allegedly he didn’t like where Siyanny Chan’s car was parked and he pounded on it, called her some racial slurs and pounded on her arm. Stay classy.

ABA policy set

The ABA Mid-Year convention ends today, and the House of Delegates has approved a number of resolutions. The House approved three resolutions sponsored or co-sponsored by the ABA Criminal Justice Section. Resolution 102B made the black letter Model Principles of the ABA Model Business and Supplier Policies on Labor Trafficking and Child Labor association policy and calls on businesses to implement their own strategies against labor trafficking and child labor. The other resolutions dealt with juveniles receiving effective appellate representation (103A) and notice-and-comment rule-making provisions for regulations governing correctional facilities and officers (103B).

The Standing Committee on Judicial Independence won House support for Resolution 106 to encourage governments to adequately fund judicial system security. The Commission on Homelessness and Poverty and the Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities sponsored Resolution 107, which puts the ABA on record as urging governments to promote the human right to adequate food and nutrition.

Additionally, the HOD adopted resolutions to urge the government to prohibit youth from transitioning from foster care to homelessness (109A); urge the adoption of trauma-informed approaches to dealing with youth in the justice system (109B);and urge Congress to enact the Improving Access to Medicare Coverage Act of 2013 (110).

Information about all HOD resolutions considered at this meeting can be found here.

FindLaw sued, has home court advantage?

Minnesota Litigator reports that the  Texas law firm  Ogletree, Abbott, Clay & Reed is suing FindLaw in Minnesota District Court for “charging [it] more than $60,000 to take the law firm’s website down in quality,”  Findlaw is the home town team, since it is owned by West Publishing and Thomson Reuters.It is  asking for actual, treble and exemplary damages.  Coach, er attorney is Thomas F. Handorff of St. Louis Park.

GLBT update

The New York Times editorial board approves Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement that the Justice  Department’s policy is to recognize lawful same-sex marriage as ‘broadly as possible’; but calls out President Obama for failing to issue and executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  Meanwhile, Michael Sam is a hero.

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