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Discovery – Protective Orders

jennifersteen//February 3, 2014//

Discovery – Protective Orders

jennifersteen//February 3, 2014//

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At issue in these consolidated cases is the value of the petitioner’s Women’s and Children’s Department Store at Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka as of 2009, 2010 and 2011. The County served petitioner with written discovery requests. Petitioner responded to some requests and proposed a stipulated protective order for certain other responsive materials. Concluding that a protective order was not warranted, the County filed a motion to compel discovery. Petitioner opposed the County’s motion to the extent it sought disclosure without a protective order. The Tax Court noted that the documents petitioner and Ridgedale Center executed did not expressly address confidentiality, and it held that that petitioner’s motion to secure confidentiality for all four documents was overbroad.

27-CV-10-08442, 27-CV-11-08004, 27-CV-12-10080 Macy’s Retail Holdings, Inc. v. County of Hennepin

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