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Attorney Robert Boedingheimer is charged with money laundering and lying to an IRS agent.

Boedigheimer ‘stone-cold innocent,’ his lawyer states

St. Paul attorney Robert David Boedigheimer was indicted by a federal grand jury earlier this month on charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering, money laundering and making a false statement to an IRS agent. He entered pleas of not guilty on Dec. 17 through his attorney, Joseph Friedberg.

“The government’s case is founded on the word of a drug dealer. There is no question that this case is going to trial and no question that we believe that Mr. Boedigheimer is stone-cold innocent,” Friedberg told Minnesota Lawyer.

The indictment charges that Boedigheimer’s brother-in-law, Co-Conspirator A, is a marijuana dealer and that Boedigheimer entered into financial transactions with him using drug proceeds. Co-Conspirator A loaned cash to Boedigheimer and repeatedly refinanced the loan, giving cash to Boedigheimer every time, the indictment states.  It also states that Boedigheimer created a fictitious consulting position at his law firm for Co-Conspirator A. Co-Conspirator A allegedly provided cash to Boedigheimer and then received about 80 percent of those funds back through payroll checks. The total amount of the payroll checks was $55,000, the indictment states.  Finally, Boedigheimer falsely stated to an IRS agent that he employed Co-Conspirator A, the indictment alleges.

Boedigheimer had a bad week in civil court as well, when on Dec. 16 he and his wife lost an appeal from a grant of summary judgment to Wells Fargo Bank, which claimed that the couple owed $42,735.76 on a line of credit. The case is Wells Fargo Bank v. Wendi S. Boedigheimer, et al.

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