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Kids told they couldn't play on the grass or ride bikes

Minnetonka condo targeted for FHA violations

signThe U.S. Attorney’s Office accused a Minnetonka condominium complex of violating the Fair Housing Act in lawsuit filed today.

The suit claims that the Greenbrier Village Homeowner’s Association prevented children from playing on the grass and common area at the condo.

Elaine Gustafson, her partner Richard Wise and her two great grandchildren were named in a complaint filed against the association in 2012. [Wise died in 2012.]

The suit claims that the association formed a committee in 2011 to make rules about that dealt with behavior on the grounds and common areas. The committee came up with new regulations that in part, barred playing, picnicking or sunbathing on the common grounds. Bikes, skate boards and roller blades were also forbidden.

The suit claims these new rules were not well publicized.

In August of that year Gustafson and Wise got a letter from the property managers informing them they were in violation of the rules and “about the children in your care being out on the grass by the building,” the suit says. The letter told them that the two children could use the playground across the street. If violations continued the couple would be fined.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Jocelyn Samuels, said in a statement announcing the suit that “families with children should have the same ability to enjoy their homes as all other tenants.”

Edina Attorney David Hellmuth represents the homeowner’s association.


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