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Partner, Lindquist & Vennum

Up & Coming: Karla M. Vehrs

Karla M. Vehrs

Karla M. Vehrs

Partner, Lindquist & Vennum

When you’re the first in your family to go to college, there’s a bit of extra pressure to excel and make everyone proud. Karla Vehrs has accomplished that many times over.

Vehrs, a partner with Lindquist & Vennum, is a litigator and appellate lawyer with a specialty in real estate and construction. She was drawn to the firm by the hunch that she and it had some shared priorities.

“I was a summer associate in 2005, and I got a sense for the people and saw that I had a lot in common with the litigators – there was a lot of overlap in interests,” she said. “They’ve been mentors for me from the beginning.”

At Lindquist, Vehrs has racked up an impressive track record. In one recent case, she and partner Bill Wassweiler won a big victory in a bankruptcy adversary proceeding involving the home of former auto mogul Denny Hecker. Their work resulted in an important ruling that creditors are arguably free to create liens against real property following bankruptcy petitions and foreclosure sales.

In another case, she won a judgment of more than $1 million following a federal court trial against borrowers for mortgage fraud, later defending the result on appeal.

Vehrs, 33, “has developed a deliberate and effective approach to her work,” said Lindquist managing partner Dennis O’Malley. “Karla’s numerous accomplishments have set her apart as a future leader.”

Vehrs said she will continue to jump into interesting cases regardless of the topic, be it zoning, franchising, or the broad range of issues in her pro bono work. She cites the opportunity to learn new skills and new industries via a variety of cases as the element that keeps her motivated.

“I enjoy the variety of litigating more than anything,” she says.

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