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Senior associate, Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly

Up & Coming: Archana Nath

Archana Nath

Archana Nath

Senior associate, Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly

If being a lawyer is about effectively gathering and disseminating information, then Archana Nath has a leg up in her profession.

Nath, 33, comes to her position as a business litigator by way of teaching — before attending law school, she spent two years teaching kindergarten in an inner-city school for the nonprofit Teach For America, an experience she said directly affected her desire to make a difference in the legal field.

“I always wanted to do something to help effect change,” she said. “I did Teach For America because I wanted to work with under-resourced communities. It confirmed that I wanted to go to law school — I felt a law degree would enable me to work toward the change I was interested in.”

At Oppenheimer, Nath focuses on health care litigation and financial services disputes. Aside from being an effective attorney with a growing presence in her practice area, Nath stays true to her mission by doing extensive pro bono work and other volunteering, mostly in the service of advocacy for women and children.

Oppenheimer knew Nath’s potential early, too, awarding her a scholarship in her second year of law school.

“Archana is a highly skilled attorney, leader and advocate who represents the best our profession has to offer,” said Ranelle Leier, chair of Nath’s practice group at Oppenheimer.

Already, Nath has had the opportunity to work on some intense cases. Last year she served as second chair on a lengthy arbitration hearing on behalf of a major health care client, helping achieve a successful summary judgment.

“I essentially got to split the witnesses with the lead attorney,” she said. “I had expert witnesses, fact witnesses and did cross-examination. I ended up presenting our main damages expert witness in our case. That was a lot of fun.”

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