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Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels

Up & Coming: Alissa M. Raddatz

Alissa M. Radatz

Alissa M. Radatz

Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels

Alissa Raddatz made partner at Faegre Baker Daniels in 2012, becoming a valuable part of the firm’s labor and employment practice. So it might be surprising that Raddatz, 36, took an indirect route toward a law career.

Out of college, Raddatz spent some time as an accountant with Thrivent, then called Lutheran Brotherhood. But she soon realized that there might be a better vocational match out there somewhere.

“I thought a law degree would match my skill set better,” Raddatz recalled. “I love to write and do research.”

Raddatz works with companies on employment issues, concentrating especially on issues that might come up when an employer based in one country wants to hire in another country. She’s helped multinational employers in areas including South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

She also works with government contractors in federal and state affirmative action reviews, providing guidance in outreach efforts that will help ensure compliance.

Raddatz said her practice area has turned out to be a perfect fit.

“A lot of the work at a big firm involves fighting about money,” she said. “With employment matters, it’s usually more personal — whether people think they were treated fairly.”

Raddatz has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, Morris and graduated cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School. She focuses on the compliance side, helping employers as they look to hire outside the United States, and ideally stopping litigation before it starts.

“A good result means that nobody knows about it,” she said. “It’s most interesting to me when an employer says, ‘We want to hire somebody in Brazil and somebody in China — how do we do that?’ I help them get the proper work authorization.”

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