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Web developer; Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi

Unsung: Todd Piltingsrud

Todd Piltingsrud

Todd Piltingsrud

Web developer; Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi

Todd Piltingsrud studied music in college, but realized he couldn’t support a family by playing the piano. The folks at Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Cerisi are glad of that.

A web developer at the law firm, Piltingsrud has developed intranet software that helps attorneys estimate how much litigation will cost their clients and a program that allows support staff to manage FedEx shipments.

“We needed a way to attach shipments directly with cases that we are working on so they get billed directly to the client and show up in the client’s account,” Piltingsrud said. “It kind of integrates FedEx’s system with ours.”

The budgeting software relies on the billing partner’s expertise and experience in working on similar cases. Piltingsrud has written two versions of the application and is working on a third. Attorneys work with it directly and have been asking Piltingsrud for more features.

“This is kind of a big deal for us,” he said. “We’ve been using it to promote ourselves to our clients.”

Piltingsrud’s work helped Robins become a finalist for the International Legal Technology Association’s Innovative Law Firm Award of 2012.

Now he is developing an application that will match associates with available work.

His supervisor, Michael Williams, described Piltingsrud as “fairly dynamic.”

“Todd has a unique ability to understand some of the business process problems that law firms run into and translate that and come up with applications that streamline or create a little more efficiency in dealing with those business issues,” Williams said.

Computers had been a hobby for Piltingsrud, who is also composing music for a Christmas album. He came to Robins from a small computer consulting firm.

“This was my first exposure to the legal industry,” he said. “I like this career. I get to solve puzzles for a living.”

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