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Director of marketing and business development, Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand

Unsung: Pamela Roemer

Pamela Roemer

Pamela Roemer

Director of marketing and business development, Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand

For Pamela Roemer, director of marketing and business development at Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand, marketing isn’t just about delivering a message — it’s about telling a story. Her emphasis on combining effective communication with a more personal touch has helped the firm stand out.

The firm’s holiday “share sites,” which Roemer originated in 2011, exemplify her marketing philosophy. The 2011 site posed the question, “What inspires you?” and it featured individual submissions by each Maslon attorney at launch. The idea was to create a more personal connection between our attorneys and their clients and/or contacts. “These days, we’re all inundated with e-cards every holiday season, so we wanted to try something a bit different,” she said, “and the response was profound.”

The share site was broadcast to clients and contacts, inviting them to add their own submissions, and the firm tied participation to a related charitable goal.

In 2012, the initiative won the Legal Marketing Association’s “Best in Show” award at the Midwest Regional Conference. Perhaps more remarkably, a Maslon attorney said that through the holiday share site, Roemer “had done the nearly impossible task of humanizing attorneys.”

Roemer and a team of four specialists handle communications, branding, marketing and business development for Maslon. She works with attorneys on business development activities and she is also leading an effort to revamp the firm’s website. She said the redesign will continue the effort to tell the story of the firm, the attorneys and the level of service they provide.

“I want us to communicate clearly and effectively, because online attention spans are short,” she said. “Many law firm websites have hammered users with content, but users don’t need to learn everything on the site.”

Instead, she said, users need to be able to get essential information on the site quickly and efficiently, and then they can come to the firm for an informed conversation. “People are always better off when they talk to each other,” she said.

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