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Legal administrative assistant; Leonard, Street and Deinard

Unsung: Louise Currey

Louise Currey

Louise Currey

Legal administrative assistant; Leonard, Street and Deinard

When a legal administrative assistant does what he or she is asked, that’s good. But when one has the experience to do more than she’s asked and help others do more, that’s Louise Currey.

Currey’s legal career spans almost 30 years and two states. She worked at several law firms in Minnesota and South Dakota in various administrative positions. She joined Leonard, Street and Deinard as an LAA 11 years ago, and she currently supports two litigation attorneys

Currey’s co-workers describe her as a go-getter who uses her broad experience to be more proactive than some LAAs, jumping in to get things done rather than waiting to be asked.

She does the same work as many LAAs, preparing initial documents and filings, taking care of serving court documents manually and electronically, and managing administrative work product and file organization. But her focus is to get as much done as possible so that her attorneys can focus on strategy and execution.

“Anything that’s not billable, I try to make sure I do it,” she said.

Currey’s no-waiting approach extends to learning new technologies and helping other LAAs to understand them. When state and federal courts began using a new electronic filing system, Currey and another LAA at the firm went to learn the system, and then they trained other LAAs at Leonard, Street and Deinard in its use.

“It’s much easier to be proactive,” she said. “I don’t like to find out that I don’t know how to do something.”

Currey leads in other ways, too, organizing charity events for the firm’s work with Catholic Charities, Hearts and Hammers, and others. But it’s her take-charge attitude toward protecting her attorneys from minutiae that stands out.

“The work she does frees me up to be more efficient, so I can focus on the larger issues,” associate attorney Stephen Schemenauer said.

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