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Director of marketing, Foley & Mansfield

Unsung: Liz Dunlap Hersey

Liz Dunlap Hersey

Liz Dunlap Hersey

Director of marketing, Foley & Mansfield

Liz Dunlap Hersey came to Foley & Mansfield in 2012, when the firm acquired the boutique firm Skjold Parrington where she worked. One of Skjold Parrington’s attractive qualities was its marketing prowess, and Hersey has brought that marketing mojo to Foley.

Hersey supervises all of Foley’s marketing activities, including internal and external communications, development activities, and research. She has been praised within the firm for her integrated approach to marketing, which brings together blogging, events, messaging and attorneys’ personal business development.

“I’m very process-driven, so I try to bring proven business and marketing strategies into an environment with fiercely independent professionals,” Hersey said. “When you have processes and procedures in place to repeat actions or activities, it frees up the lawyer to do their relationship marketing and get their work product out there more efficiently.”

It also leads to attorneys with more business and a better reputation for Foley.

For example, Hersey has been effective in placing articles, landing speaking engagements and finding other opportunities for Foley attorneys to demonstrate their expertise in a way that could land more business for the firm. By using databases, video and audio conferencing, and other technologies, Hersey said, she has played a role in helping the national firm’s attorneys to cooperate more.

But it’s not about fancy websites or brochures, she said; it’s about applying sound strategies.

“Demonstrating success is the most powerful way to get attorneys to pay attention,” she said. “We’ve done this by showing them what we did, how we did it and what the results were.”

Like many Unsung Heroes, Hersey doesn’t believe she does anything out of the ordinary.

“If you can help attorneys to demonstrate their expertise to clients and prospects, that’s what it’s all about — being a credible, value-added business partner,” she said. “It’s not magic.”

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