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Legal Administrative Assistant, Gray Plant Mooty

Unsung: Jeanie Williams

Jeanie Williams

Jeanie Williams

Legal Administrative Assistant, Gray Plant Mooty

Jeanie Williams was just 19 years old when she started working at Gray Plant Mooty, back in 1979. “I feel as though I grew up here,” Williams said.

The firm has certainly benefited from her decades of service.

Abby Hollander, Gray Plant Mooty’s legal administrative manager, noted in her nomination that Williams is somewhat of an institution at the firm, supporting numerous attorneys during her tenure, and successful in every position she’s held.

Currently, she supports two extremely busy partners in the trust and estates practice group, requiring significant overtime and much more substantive work than many of the other legal administrative assistants are required to handle. She also handles an enormous amount of work in connection with annual tax returns, Hollander added.

“She very independently oversees and organizes a huge volume of work,” Hollander said. “We’re not sure who could handle this volume at such a high level if she wasn’t in this role.”

Her secret in juggling so many projects, Williams noted, is the ability to embrace technology and to prioritize tasks. Her department is focused on docketing and/or calendaring, so her knack for knowing what’s urgent makes sure that no deadlines are missed.

Williams loves her job, she said, because the variety of work is formidable, and it’s certainly never boring.

“I really appreciate that the attorneys I support have confidence in me and my work,” Williams said. “They give me difficult assignments, never doubting that I can handle them. It’s a great responsibility, and I’m grateful that they can trust me.”

Just to put icing on the cake, Williams is an enthusiastic baker, and she often brings in treats to celebrate firm victories, as well as the achievements of her colleagues, Hollander said.

“She’s a good friend to her colleagues, and what a warm and irreplaceable presence she is at the firm,” Hollander said. “In short, she embodies our firm’s culture and makes this a place that people want to work.”

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