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Legal Secretary, Bowman and Brooke

Unsung: Diane Baxter

Diane Baxter

Diane Baxter

Legal Secretary, Bowman and Brooke

If Diane Baxter has never thought about becoming a professional juggler, she may want to consider the possibility as a side job.

She’s a master at taking on electronic case filings, multiple trial preparations, document support and other assignments, said Roshan Rajkumar, partner at Bowman and Brooke, in his nomination. In addition, her work spans multiple practices, such as warranty claims, commercial litigation and product liability.

Although most of her cases are in Minnesota and Wisconsin, she still takes on cases across the country, requiring her to manage rules and deadlines in multiple time zones and states. It’s not surprising to find her outside the building, curbside, with papers in hand so that attorneys can grab what they need before catching a flight for an out-of-state trial.

“Diane goes the extra mile with a bright smile, positive attitude and team-focused work ethic,” said Rajkumar.

Human resources manager Barb Ell added that Baxter is the firm’s “go-to” secretary, and others look to her for answers and wisdom. She has a knack for staying one step ahead of assignments and anticipating an attorney’s next move.

That speedy pace of constant change makes Baxter happy to come to work every day, she said. “My workday is never boring, it’s never the same day twice,” she said. “It continues to offer me new challenges daily, and I truly love the work relationships I’ve formed.”

Baxter loves the opportunity to mentor others, since it gives her a chance to help others become successful in her chosen field. Even after nearly 30 years of work as a legal secretary, she still relishes all of the challenges that come with her profession.

“To my surprise, I’m still loving it after all this time.”

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