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Litigation Paralegal, Winthrop & Weinstine

Unsung: Constance White

Constance White

Constance White

Litigation Paralegal, Winthrop & Weinstine

As a paralegal leader at Winthrop & Weinstine in Minneapolis, Constance White inspires praise for her professionalism and expert project handling. Numerous nominators stepped forward to declare her an Unsung Hero, sharing stories of how White artfully handles document review for complex litigation cases, takes on team leadership with a knack for supervisory excellence and runs discovery efforts like a seasoned attorney.

“Constance has the work ethic of a shareholder at our firm,” said Jeff Ansel, chair of the Litigation Department, in his nomination. “She provides high-level insight and analysis consistently to the work she performs.” He added that for the 19 years she’s been with the firm, her name draws outstanding, positive opinions. “Constance truly takes ownership of the work she does. When I get the opportunity to work with her, I know immediately the outcome will be excellent,” he added.

White believes her strongest attribute is self-direction, a quality that’s appreciated by the firm’s attorneys. She has the ability to size up scenarios quickly with little background information, and sometimes she’s thrown into a situation where that ability is tested.

For example, in one case, she was told on a Sunday afternoon that the lead paralegal would not be able to see the trial through — three days into the trial. White reported to the “war-room” that day, even though she knew little about the case. After working through two bifurcated trials over a three-month period, the jury returned with a verdict that still holds records for being among the most significant product-liability awards in the state. White played a major role in that result, noted nominator and firm shareholder Craig Krummen.

“For me, every case presents a new challenge, and the environment is constantly changing,” White said. “Every day, I juggle projects, priorities and deadlines for multiple attorneys, and that just gives me the opportunity to strive to do the best job I can.”

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