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Boylan helped mediate a settlement for 2011 NFL lockout, $85 million settlement in Medtronic shareholder class action suit and many others

Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan retiring in January

Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan

U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan is retiring in January.

In a letter to Chief U.S. District Judge Michael Davis, Boylan said his last day on the bench will be Jan. 8, 2014.

He told Davis that “this is the appropriate time for me to move on to the next phase of my career.”

Boylan was appointed Nov. 1, 1996 after almost 10 years as a district court judge in Minnesota. Prior to serving as a trial court judge, he worked in private practice for a decade with the law firm of Hulstrand, Anderson, and Larson, in Willmar.

As a federal magistrate Judge Boylan served as an alternative dispute resolution neutral. He has helped to settle and mediate hundreds of cases.

Some of the notable examples:

Brady v. National Football League The 2011 lockout of the NFL players and settlement of related antitrust lawsuits.

Ramsey County Workhouse Tuberculosis Class Action A $10 million settlement between county and more than 100 inmates who were exposed to the disease in 2008.

Metro Gang Strike Force A $3 million Settlement in 2010 for approximately 100 people who were victimized by the disbanded gang task force.

Duy Ngo v. City of Minneapolis A $4.5 million settlement in 2007, the largest police misconduct settlement in city’s history. Ngo was a Minneapolis police officer and was shot by a fellow officer.

Boylan is a past president of the Minnesota Chapter of the Federal Bar Association and a past president of the Minnesota District Judges Association. He is the former chair of the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct.



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