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Party chairman expresses "frustration "

Republican Party moves fast to quash rogue judicial elections email

A strange story about judicial election endorsements unraveled over the weekend.

Bonn Clayton sent out an email Friday afternoon on Republican Party email list that included a link to a website that contained a voter’s guide. Clayton identified himself as the “convener of the Judicial District Republican Chairs” in the email and said the party had three recommended candidates in the Supreme Court elections.

The only problem is the Republican Party decided to not endorse judicial candidates at its party convention earlier this year.

The website has since been taken down and Republican Party Chairman Pat Shortridge quickly sent out his own email later that day disavowing Clayton’s voter’s guide and even the title he gave himself.

Shortridge told recipients that Clayton did not have authority to use the party’s seal in his email, nor did he have authority to compile the guide. He said Clayton’s guide had inaccurate statements and was not authorized by the party.

[Clayton] misused his access to party e-mail lists and invented a fictitious party title and organization under which he linked to a guide that unlike the state party’s guide advocates for particular judicial candidates.

Shortridge included a link to the party’s official voter guide in his email.

Michael Brodkorb, at his newish blog PolticsMN, first reported the story.


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  1. The state wide GOP may not have endorsed judges but our local SD (42) sent around a sample ballot of endorsed candidates which included two supreme court candidates.
    There may be more to this than meets the eye.

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