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Associate Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi

Up & Coming: Sharon E. Roberg-Perez

Sharon E. Roberg-Perez

Associate Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi

Sharon Roberg-Perez proudly flies the “science-geek” flag.

In fact, nothing makes the Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi attorney happier than taking in “Star Trek” reruns with her family on the weekends.

Roberg-Perez left her native Guam to pursue degrees in molecular biology, culminating with her doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1996, before moving on to postdoctoral research at Caltech.

“I liked the science part of my job, but wasn’t so intrigued with the business and administrative aspects of trying to run a lab,” she said.

Roberg-Perez then switched gears and applied to law school.

Law school, and her ensuing legal career, have suited her personality well, she said. “I like it when my learning curve is steep. I’m happiest when there’s just a boatload of information that I have to synthesize, work through and piece together.”

She concentrates in life sciences and Hatch-Waxman IP litigation, as well as general IP litigation.

“The cases I love the most these days are the big, hairy patent litigation fights, where there’s a lot on the line and a product that’s important to people’s health, and there won’t be an easy resolution. The cases I like best are those where my background as a biologist has some relevance. Often it’s a medical device or biotech case.”

On the pro bono side, and for something completely different, Roberg-Perez takes on an occasional immigration-law case for Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, or child protection matters from the Children’s Law Center. For example, she recently represented siblings facing permanent placement in separate homes. Thanks to her, that

didn’t happen.

Her cases are complex and serious — so Roberg-Perez places a high premium upon laughter, when appropriate. “It makes the good times better, and when times are bad, boy, you really need a sense of humor.”

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