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Director of Human Resources/Administration, Messerli & Kramer

Unsung: Susan M. Cyronek

Susan M. Cyronek

Director of Human Resources/Administration, Messerli & Kramer

Longtime human resources professional Susan Cyronek has a sign in her office at Messerli & Kramer that reads: “Work Hard and Be Nice.”

“It really does say everything,” says Cyronek. “It’s about respecting each other and the work you do. It’s basic. I’ve seen it work.”

Cyronek has led Messerli & Kramer’s administrative and human resources departments since 2004, and has a hand in just about every corner of the firm’s three offices.

Respected as a leader, Cyronek is frequently asked to provide input on strategic issues. In her honest fashion, Cyronek will challenge colleagues to think beyond the bottom line.

“They hear me say, ‘What’s the right thing to do?’ ” says Cyronek. “I want to know not just what the business impact is, but also what’s the impact on the employees? We’re responsible for 245 livelihoods here.”

Nominators say Cyronek works hard to make sure employees are treated honestly and fairly, and that she has been known to delay vacation time to ensure a matter and its details are handled well.

In 2005, Cyronek’s expertise and guidance helped the firm establish the Messerli & Kramer Foundation. One of the ways Cyronek continues to support the Foundation is by running an annual meat raffle — a new concept for many of her colleagues.

“It’s a different angle on fundraising,” says Cyronek. “It’s less structured, a little more fun, and it’s good for us to spend time with colleagues supporting a good cause.”

Cyronek lost her husband to lung cancer in 1995. She says the experience gave her perspective about what matters and what doesn’t. What matters to Cyronek is helping others grow. She is committed to her extended family, and is an active volunteer; planting flowers at the Ronald McDonald House, and taking missionary trips to orphanages in Mexico and South America.

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