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Legal Administrative Assistant, Gray Plant Mooty

Unsung: Patricia Strickler

Patricia Strickler

Legal Administrative Assistant, Gray Plant Mooty 

Patricia Strickler, who has deep roots in northern Minnesota’s Iron Range, relocated to the Twin Cities in 2007 and landed a position as a legal administrative assistant at Gray Plant Mooty in 2009. The Virginia, Minn., native, who worked for firms on the Iron Range, brings more than 30 years of experience to her position.

She started at Gray Plant Mooty as a temporary employee, but the firm’s brass quickly realized that they wanted her on board permanently after seeing her extensive skills and experience put to work.

Strickler is assigned to two attorneys in the firm’s Trust, Estate & Charitable Planning practice group. She enjoys the client contact as the firm helps clients put their estates and planning in order.

Strickler says her work is challenging and fast-paced, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s a demanding position,” she says. “The attorneys I work for are very high-energy. I thrive on that environment, and I have a lot of energy myself. People tease me that I move up and down the halls very fast.”

Among her responsibilities, Strickler sets up conference calls with clients and outside counsel, prepares documents, organizes files, and manages the attorneys’ calendars.

Outsider of her job, Strickler’s co-workers are impressed with her volunteer work at various organizations and through her church. She has been on mission trips to help children in Peru, Mexico, Ukraine, India and Africa and says she receives far more in return than anyone could imagine.

One trip in particular to India stands out. In 2009, Strickler worked at a school with children from the lowest caste, who lived in extremely poor and unsanitary conditions, but she was struck by how happy they were.

“They’re so poor and live in slums, yet they are just so joy-filled,” she says. “They’re not looking at what they don’t have. They’re looking for the pleasure in what they do have. It’s an eye-opener.”

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