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Events and Public Relations Coordinator, Bowman and Brooke

Unsung: Michael S. Rand

Michael S. Rand

Events and Public Relations Coordinator, Bowman and Brooke 

For the past three years, Michael Rand’s role at Bowman and Brooke has been focusing on the firm’s image by planning and executing its many events, and indisputably, he does it with flair and class.

Whether it’s coordinating multiple client dinners in New York or armadillo races at an all-partner meeting in Austin, Texas, Rand’s creativity shines through, and he’s always trying to top the last event.

“It’s all about making smart choices that are appropriate to the situation,” he explains. “Armadillo racing would not be appropriate at a corporate counsel event in New York, but in Texas during an internal event that’s all about glue-building, absolutely! I always want to push myself creatively.”

When Rand was hired, managing events was part of his job description, however, the position primarily focused on traditional marketing responsibilities. Within just months, his knack for events was obvious, and the firm saw value in expanding upon that.

“Event planning allows me to go beyond traditional PR, get even more creative, go outside the box and wow people with something out of the ordinary.” he says.

Rand is also known for “making the impossible happen.” At a sold-out conference in Phoenix, for example, he was able to secure a room for a client, a last-minute kosher meal for another client and a guitar for a last-minute dinner presentation.

“The mark of a great events planner is having the flexibility and quick thinking to problem solve in the moment,” Rand says.

He’s also an expert in vendor negotiations. “When I can throw a wildly successful event and come in under budget, there’s nothing that puts a bigger smile on my face because I provided exceptional value to my firm,” he says.

Rand credits the firm for his forward-thinking position, saying it’s far ahead of the curve of most corporate law firms.

“I have a feeling this position will continue to morph into a greater focus on client relationship management, and I can’t wait to be a part of that,” he says.

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