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A survey from Public Policy Polling released Tuesday shows 49 percent of respondents oppose the amendment.

Poll: Opinion shifting against marriage amendment

A 2012 ballot initiative will ask voters if marriage should be defined as a union between one man and one woman. (Staff photo: Peter Bartz-Gallagher)

A new poll shows opinion shifting against the state’s proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

A survey from Public Policy Polling released Tuesday shows 49 percent of respondents oppose the amendment, which would ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota as dozens of other states have done via referendum as well. In the poll, 43 percent say they support the amendment.

Those results are a shift from a previous PPP survey four months ago when 48 percent said they supported the amendment and 44 percent opposed it. The margin of error in the newest poll is 3.1 percent and included 973 voters.

PPP’s analysis of its results pegs the shift to independents coming around to oppose the amendment. In the previous survey, independents supported the amendment by a 50-40 spread. Now, PPP found 54 percent of independents opposing it, with just 37 percent supporting it.

Among Democrats, opposition to the amendment is strong, with 71 percent opposed to the amendment. The reverse is also true for Republicans: Nearly three-fourths of Republican survey participants said they support the amendment.

The survey also found a generational gap in views on the amendment. Half of those older than 45 years old support it, while 60 percent of those younger than 45 oppose it.

In general, views on same-sex marriage in general mirror the top-line results. Of respondents, 47 percent said they support same-sex marriage legalization, while 75 percent support “some form of legal recognition” for gay couples. The survey found 55 percent of Republicans support some recognition for same-sex couples.


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  1. In the end it really only matters if there is a God who has spoken to this issue.
    This will be an interesting experiment as in the past many Christians believed God judged Sodom based in part on homosexuality.
    If the Christian God is truly against this then He will need to act to make it clear because more and more “Christian” clergy say it is not important.

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