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League of Women Voters prep anti-Voter ID push

Jake Grovum//May 25, 2012//

League of Women Voters prep anti-Voter ID push

Jake Grovum//May 25, 2012//

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In this photo, demonstrators chanted against the voter ID bill outside the Minnesota Senate on March 22. (AP photo: Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune)

The League of Women Voters is preparing to weigh in on the growing campaign over the state’s proposed Voter ID constitutional amendment.

Through a registration posted Friday, the group has formed through with the Campaign Finance Board the “Vote No on Voter ID” political committee, which will serve as a vehicle for its anti-amendment efforts into the fall.

Much like the AARP’s registration of its own anti-Voter ID group last week, the League’s new committee will allow it spend more freely in efforts to specifically defeat the ballot initiative, which Republicans at the Legislature voted to put on the ballot this year after Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed  aVoter ID bill last session.

What form the efforts against the amendment might take remain to be undecided, but the League’s Executive Director Laura Fredrick Wang said they will be an extension of the group’s previous, if unsuccessful, efforts to keep the initiative off the ballot in the first place.

The League, like the AARP before it, also plans to be involved with the TakeAction Minnesota-backed “Our Vote, Our Future” campaign which is serving as the coordinated effort against the amendment comprising a host of political, nonprofit and religious organizations.


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