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Dayton vetoes fireworks bill

Briana Bierschbach//April 29, 2012

Dayton vetoes fireworks bill

Briana Bierschbach//April 29, 2012

Mark Dayton

Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed a bill to allow the sale and use of a wide array of consumer fireworks in the state of Minnesota.

Dayton issued his veto letter less than two hours before the midnight deadline on Saturday, citing hazard concerns stressed by hospital and public safety officials.

“Most Minnesotans are responsible enough to ignite and explode those inherently dangerous devices properly and safely,” Dayton said in his veto letter. “Unfortunately, some are not.”

The bill, sponsored by Cottage Grove Republican Rep. John Kriesel and Sen. Mike Jungbauer, a Republican from East Bethel, would have legalized aerial fireworks and other more powerful explosives between June 1 and July 7. Currently Minnesota law only permits sale and use of sparklers and other low grade fireworks.

Bill advocates say Minnesota is losing out on business to neighboring states like Wisconsin.

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