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Delegates in the Lakeville-area House District 56B nominated city school board member Roz Peterson to run for the open seat.

CD2 GOP Chair McCall falls short in House endorsement bid

In the second go-round for GOP delegates in the Lakeville-area House District 56B, Lakeville School Board Member Roz Peterson topped 2nd Congressional District Chairman Terry McCall for their party’s nod to run in the open seat come November.

The voting took just three rounds Thursday night, a difference from an endorsing convention held last month that saw McCall and Peterson battle to a stalemate after four ballots failed to deliver either the needed 60 percent for the endorsement.

Party officials opted to reschedule the convention rather than head to a primary in the heavily GOP district, mostly in an effort to allow the eventual nominee ample opportunity and resources to mount their campaign.

“We want to make sure whoever wins this has got more time to campaign against the other side,” McCall said at the time.

Peterson is likely to prove a strong candidate in the district, which is currently held by GOP Rep. Mary Liz Holberg, who is seeking re-election in an adjacent district thanks to this year’s new political maps. She currently sits on the Lakeville School Board and is chair of the Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

McCall is unlikely to disappear from the GOP anytime soon, despite his defeat. The congressional district chair made a run for state GOP chairmanship following the resignation of Tony Sutton last year.

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