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The seven-term DFLer from Maplewood said she's retiring as the financial burden of college for her children grows. DFLers in the redistricted District 53 are scheduled to meet next Saturday.

Nora Slawik won’t seek re-election

Nora Slawik

Rep. Nora Slawik, DFL-Maplewood, said Saturday that she won’t seek an eighth term in the state House.

Slawik was redistricted into House District 53A. The party is scheduled to hold an endorsing convention next Saturday at Tartan High School in Oakdale.

“While I would thoroughly enjoy the honor of continuing to represent our area,” Slawik said, “the financial circumstances of having one child in college and another preparing for college make that difficult.”

As a legislator, Slawik has focused on early childhood education issues and was a leader of the bipartisan early childhood education caucus.

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