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Dayton's strong approval, PPP says, makes Dayton "one of the most popular governors in the country."

Poll: Dayton approval at 53 percent; 59 percent oppose public money for Vikings

Gov. Mark Dayton (Staff photo: Peter Bartz-Gallagher)

Gov. Mark Dayton has a 53 percent approval rating in Minnesota, up slightly since last May, and his disapproval rating has also declined, according to a new Public Policy Polling released Friday.

The poll also found palpable support for the state’s proposed same-sex marriage amendment, but strong opposition to public funding of a Vikings stadium. The survey also included poor numbers for the two-year-old Republican majorities at the Capitol.

Dayton’s strong approval, PPP says, makes him “one of the most popular governors in the country.” His 53 percent approval makes him the 8th most popular governor out of the 40 who have been the subject of PPP polls.

One in three of all respondents disapprove of Dayton’s performance, according to the poll. Dayton enjoys the support of 85 percent of Democrats, 51 percent of independents and 19 percent of Republicans.

Dayton’s numbers also translate into good news for DFLers at the Legislature. On a generic ballot, Democrats hold a 48 percent to 39 percent margin. While legislative DFLers only enjoy a favorable view from 31 percent of respondents, nearly half have a negative one.

But Republicans at the Capitol fared far worse. About one in four have a favorable view of the GOP majorities, while 62 percent have a negative view.

Nearly half — 48 percent — of respondents say they support the state’s same-sex marriage amendment, while 44 percent oppose. Nearly one in four Democrats surveyed said they would vote to support the measure.

A full 59 percent of respondents said they oppose public financing for a Vikings stadium, while just 33 percent support it. But if it was the only way to keep the team in Minnesota, support for public financing jumps to 46 percent, while 39 percent they’d prefer the team move.

More than 1,200 Minnesotans were included in the survey, which was conducted just before the beginning of this week’s legislative session. The poll has a margin of error of 2.8 percent.

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