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Shortridge appoints activists to lead 2012 election efforts

Briana Bierschbach//January 12, 2012//

Shortridge appoints activists to lead 2012 election efforts

Briana Bierschbach//January 12, 2012//

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Pat Shortridge, the chairman of the state Republican Party (Staff photo: Briana Bierschbach)

In one of his first moves as chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota, Pat Shortridge has appointed a slew of  activists to lead efforts like photo ID, finances and fundraising ahead of the 2012 election.

Shortridge announced the appointments in a letter to activists on Wednesday, first posted on the True North blog.

“These are the first steps in the process of reforming our party so we can win elections and become the governing conservative majority our state so desperately needs. In the days ahead, you will see several additional announcements regarding party functions and operations,” Shortridge wrote. “We will have a clear plan, with clear job descriptions, and a marriage of accountability and responsibility.”

Here’s a brief rundown of the appointments:

  • Janet Beihoffer, who made  a run for RNC committeewoman, will head a voting integrity committee for the 2012 elections.
  • Sixth Congressional District GOP activist Joe Westrup and RNC Committee members Pat Anderson and Jeff Johnson will lead the Budget, Financial Controls, and Oversight Committee. Activists Terry McCall, Randy Gilbert, Bron Scherer will also sit on the committee, as well as deputy chairwoman Kelly Fenton, Shortridge, and the secretary-treasurer, when one is appointed. Mike Vekich will advise the group, Shortridge wrote.
  • Fenton and 6th Congressional District Chairman David FitzSimmons will lead a committee on BPOU Coordination.
  • Fenton, party Finance Chair Bill Guidera, and 1st Congressional District Chair Steve Perkins will lead a fundraising committee.
  • Westrup and Rep. Kurt Daudt will head the voter targeting committee.
  • 5th Congressional District activist Adam Weigold will lead a technology committee.

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