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Bachmann's popularity continues to wane in Wisconsin, too. At just 5 percent in now, the last PPP survey pegged her support at 20 percent.

After debate, Bachmann continues slide in Nevada

Michele Bachmann

A week removed from an underwhelming debate performance in Las Vegas, Michele Bachmann continues to see her popularity decline in Nevada, with a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday showing the congresswoman at just 3 percent.

Bachmann’s single-digit showing in Nevada — where Republican primary voters will head to the polls Feb. 4, a month after the Iowa caucuses — shows a steep decline from July when she reached 14 percent. A similar showing today would leave her third in the GOP field. Instead, she’s now third to last.

“Michele Bachmann’s well on her way to being as irrelevant as Rick SantorumGary Johnson, and Jon Huntsman,” the PPP analysis says.

Atop the field in Nevada is Mitt Romney at 29 percent, followed closely by Herman Cain at 27 percent. The next three GOPers are Newt Gingrich at 15 percent, Ron Paul at 7 percent and Rick Perry at 6 percent.

Closer to home, the numbers are no better for Bachmann. Along with Nevada, PPP also surveyed Republicans in Wisconsin. There, Bachmann’s popularity continues to wane; she’s now at just 5 percent in Wisconsin. The last survey from PPP pegged her support at 20 percent, which at the time tied for the lead.

Now, in Wisconsin, Cain sits at 30 percent, followed by Romney at 18 percent, 12 percent each for Perry and Gingrich, 8 percent for Paul and 2 percent for Santorum.

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  1. When is this crazy witch going to get the hint and take herself out of the Presidential race, a place she had no business being in, given that this buffoon is barely qualified to run a local PTA. She’s an accomplished liar and hater who would bring this country back to the Middle Ages, if it were possible. Bachmann is the modern day equivalent of the religious, moralistic nitwits who brought about Prohibition. Instead of outlawing liquor, Bachmann wants to do it with abortion. People say she is intelligent because of her law degree, but that degree was from Oral Roberts which taught “biblical law”. Her woeful Presidential campaign has proven without a doubt that she is a crass jerk. She has darkened the doorstep of American politics for long enough. Hopefully, she has embarrassed herself to the point were Minnesotans will vote her out of Congress!

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