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Minnesota Majority releases legislative scorecard

Paul Demko//August 23, 2011

Minnesota Majority releases legislative scorecard

Paul Demko//August 23, 2011

Rep. Steve Drazkowski (Staff photo: Peter Bartz-Gallagher)

Twenty three Republican legislators received perfect scores for their votes during the 2011 legislative session from Minnesota Majority. Conversely 43 DFL legislators voted in opposition to the policies favored by the conservative advocacy group on every vote scored.

Minnesota Majority tracked 10 votes in the House and 9 in the Senate. The group is most prominently associated with legislation that would require Minnesota residents to produce photo identification in order to vote (which was ultimately vetoed by DFL Gov. Mark Dayton). But it also scored votes on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, legislation prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks and a bill that bans lawsuits against food producers.

Among DFLers Rep. Lyle Koenen, of Clara City, had the highest score, voting with the conservative advocacy group 78 percent of the time. For Republicans Rep. Steve Smith, of Mound, earned the lowest score, voting with the group on 70 percent of votes. Two Republicans, Reps. Bruce Anderson, of Buffalo Township, and Steve Drazkowski, of Mazeppa, have 100 percent scores for their entire legislative careers.

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