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We'd like to hear from you. What are three things a struggling firm can do - for less than $100 - to improve their practice? Email suggestions or sound off in the comments.

Calling all small firm lawyers

When we came up with the idea for this blog, the intent was to help small firm lawyers succeed in their practice. And that’s what we plan to do. But we also know part of the problem solo practitioners face is that they’re unable to connect with one another, to share advice.

So here’s your chance. We’d like to hear from you. In any practice, there’s always low-hanging fruit to be found. What are three things a struggling firm can do – for less than $100 – to improve their practice? Send suggestions to [email protected], or sound off in the comments below.

We’ll post the best responses.


  1. Use SpiderOak for cloud backup (DropBox has too many security issues, and you get more space for the money with SpiderOak). Cost: $100 for an entire year, which is pretty cheap CYA.

    Ditch the landline and use Google Voice with your cell phone. Cost: free.

    Ditch expensive marketing campaigns run by “gurus” in favor of more localized advertising and marketing. Ads in my St. Paul local district’s newspaper start at $40, and I submitted an article as well (local publications are always looking for content). And one-on-one networking is the type of marketing that will lead to a steady stream of referrals, without the crazy-high overhead. Even if you get fewer leads than through the expensive marketing campaigns, you get to eat more of what you kill because you’re not taking cases just to line the pockets of the “gurus.” Cost: depends on how often you take someone out for coffee/lunch.

  2. Reach out to help an at need population in an area you specialize because in addition to the aid you are providing, you can also cultivate relationships that lead to paying clients. For example, our firm does a bunch of work for Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women, mostly with OFPs and other family-law type matters. But, this ongoing relationship has lead to some estate planning and probate work, as well as real estate cases.

  3. 1. Join the Minnesota State Bar Association
    2. Log into Practice Law; Colleague Resource
    3. Find a lawyer in practice area in which you need help
    4. Contact lawyer; thank the volunteer lawyer for his/her help.

    This service has been well worth the MSBA membership cost to me.

  4. (Except when I am using FastCase!) I suggest using West Law at a local law library to save on costs. I recognize working in a library has its disadvantages, but it will cut down on your legal research.

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