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LIPP attendees predict month-long shutdown

test man//June 22, 2011

LIPP attendees predict month-long shutdown

test man//June 22, 2011

Guests at Tuesday’s Leaders in Public Policy event were invited to participate in informal text polling to gauge where they stand 10 days out from a potential state government shutdown.  (For a full list of winners and finalists from the event, hosted by Politics in Minnesota and the Capitol Report, click here.)

The results are, of course, of limited prescriptive use. But given the prevalence of elected officials, politicos and prominent interest groups at the event, the answers provide a glimpse at the St. Paul equivalent of “inside the beltway” thinking.

Perhaps the most notable result? A plurality (40%) of respondents think the looming state shutdown will last at least a month before the governor and legislators reach a budget agreement.

Which party had a better session?

Republicans – 27%

Democrats – 27%

Neither – 46%

Total Results: 37

What’s your prediction for the makeup of majorities after the 2012 election?

GOP House/DFL Senate – 30%

DFL House/DFL Senate – 34%

GOP House/GOP Senate – 23%

DFL House/GOP Senate – 14%

Total Results: 44

Where will the next Vikings stadium be built?

Minneapolis – 29%

Arden Hills – 46%

LA – 24%

Total Results: 41

Which is the closest date to when a budget agreement will be reached?

July 1 – 14%

July 15 – 33%

August 1 – 40%

October 1 – 14%

Total Results: 43

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