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On dancing, the Jefferson Memorial and the court of appeals

Dance Dance Revolution: Jefferson Memorial Edition

On dancing, the Jefferson Memorial and the court of appeals

About Janie Paulson

Janie Paulson is a licensed attorney in California, Minnesota and the District of Columbia. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, CA. Janie has clerked for Judge J. Thomas Mott of the Minnesota Second Judicial District and interned at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Currently, Janie provides compliance research and analysis to Bank of America and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a member of the Junior League. Janie can be reached at


  1. Just thought I’d comment. This is so ridiculous. I mean, this is what you pay your judges and politicians for?? Like or you people absolutely nuts? the fact that someone would even think to ban dancing anywhere is simply ridiculous. You gonna allow them ban breathing in certain areas because bad breathe is offensive??
    When you Americans are finished smelling your own farts!! come join the rest of the world who are living in the real world…. Honestly, you people are loosing all of your rights and the rest of the world is sitting here watching it all happen and saying “looks good on you” and “Seems the terrorist have won!” Think about it.

    How this happened? All you reporters and all you editors lost all integrity. Why? I dunno. But your job is supposed to be reporting this kind of stuff, pointing out the negative and pressing politicians on MAJOR issue’s, and you dont stop there, you take it further and further and further, and you dont stop till you start to get death threats late at night on the phone. THATS WHEN YOU KNOW YOU’RE DOING YOUR JOB!


    The video of that bike cop throwing people dancing to the ground should be the image of our time! It shows the TYRANNY that is being forced on the “so-call” free people of america. Enjoy your freedoms while it lasts! Soon as they decide to go forward, a nuke will blow up in your cities and you will ALL instantly lose ALL of your rights and Freedoms.

    If you think its a joke. Thats fine. Just remember the Mexican Army is ready and waiting for Martial law to hit the United States so they can come in and control all of you and set up check points in your neighborhood, checking your passport at checkpoints on the highway on your way to work every morning. READ THE SPP Agreement of North America. You dont have to worry about U.S troops firing on U.S citizens. The Mexican army can’t wait to start duck season!!!!!!

    Janie, do some research on what’s going to happen when most of the baby boomers start collecting pensions(which is happening right now) you think the economy is in rough shape now?? You got no idea what’s coming!

    Wait and see what the Government plans on doing when 3/4’s of america has minimum wage jobs and pay very little in taxes.

    At least just start looking 5 maybe 10 years into the future from now on… apparently the Chinese plan 50 years into the future, Americans can’t even think past next thursdays episode of House or celebrity idol…

    Anyway….Your article was very professional, yet lacked substance!. I joke, I’m just trying to point out our freedoms are being destroyed, not infringed or slowly taken away.. no no. They are being destroyed! they will never be back, you dont just pass laws and bills that take away people rights and freedoms and then say “no that’s “null and void” now that we see what the results are. No, they are gone and they are gone for good. So, stop sitting there, collecting your pay check and thinking the world will be the same when your ready to buy that new house or new car. Cuz your gonna wake up and see the world on fire(9/11) again and your gonna be given the same PAT DOWNS AND SECURITY CHECKS as everyone else.

    Anyway. Have a good day!

  2. its simple: if you want freedom of expression at jefferson memorial, you woht get it. instead, i encourage visitors to insist that the police at the memorial arrest anyone making noise. perhaps once they are mired in attempts to arrest schoolchildren and tourists, they’ll get sick of raping our freedoms and get a real job. it should not be illegal to dance silently ANYWHERE. Especially at a memorial for freedom!

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