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Sen. Ellen Anderson is disappointed about being passed over in her bid to be reappointed to the Minnesota Legislative-Citizens Commission on Minnesota Resources.

Sen. Anderson: “I got dumped”

Sen. Ellen Anderson

State Sen. Ellen Anderson, DFL-St. Paul, voiced disappointment about being passed over in her bid to be reappointed to the Minnesota Legislative-Citizens Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR). Anderson, a key player on environment and energy issues when DFLers controlled the Senate, said she got “dumped” from the panel that recommends environmental projects that are spent with Minnesota Lottery dollars.

Anderson has been on the LCCMR for 10 years and would have been the senior member on the panel. She said she wanted Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, R-Buffalo, to reappoint her.

“I would say the direction I’ve been taking has been clean energy and clean water, and I guess she wants to go in a different direction,” Anderson told PIM.

The Senate Rules and Administration Committee approved the LCCMR slate unanimously by a voice vote that included Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook. Sen. Linda Higgins, DFL-Minneapolis, will serve on the LCCMR in Anderson’s place.

Koch explained that it was time for new representation on the council that recommends Lottery dollars for a wide variety of environmental purposes like education, research and land acquisition.

“I’m also looking, quite frankly, for a little new blood on some of these committees. Senator Anderson has served ably on the committee for at least 10 years. …I think Minnesotans expressed they’d like some new eyes with their vote this last November. I felt a bit of duty to do that all around,” Koch said during the hearing.

Koch said that Higgins brings a “fresh perspective.”

Bakk explained during the hearing that Higgins had initially been named to the LCCMR because she was the ranking DFLer on the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee. Higgins told Bakk before the hearing she wanted to redraw. Bakk resubmitted Anderson’s name, he said.

“I just want to make it clear it was not my recommendation that Senator Higgins be put on, that my recommendation was Senator Anderson,” Bakk said.


  1. As a Minnesotan, I may want fresh eyes but replacing Senator Anderson is not a good sight. I have a trust in Senator Anderson that she has, and will do what is right. With this new change in allocating funds for education, research and land acquisition – I don’t know. That seems to leave the door open for misspending and taking care of other interests. If we don’t have clean water and clean air (energy), we die. Sounds like the energy companies are moving their chess pieces around.

  2. Rowan Glaser – Are you as simple as you sound? “if we don’t have clean water, clean air…” What makes you think that Sen. Anderson would ensure that you get your clean water any more than any one else? The committee she was dumped from has nothing to do with allocating funds for education, research or land acquisition, where did that thought come from.

    It is quite probable that Sen. Anderson was “dumped” due to questionable behavior on her part, funneling money to her own special interests at the U of M environmental programs where she is employed.

    Rowan, do your self a favor and stop being so trusting in ANY politician no matter which party they belong to. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – Lord Acton

    I believe that if you take the time and look more closely at Sen. Andersons actionswhile on the committee and who benefitted you will find too many coincidences to be explained away. This situation is unfortunately all too common today, leading to the mistrusr of all elected officials.

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