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See video of Sens. Mike Parry and Bill Ingebrigtsen refusing to yield to questions during Thursday's floor session -- and the GOP's response.

GOP, DFL go back and forth on yielding to questions

As we noted in today’s PIM Confidential, Senate DFLers — and Sen. Dick Cohen specifically — were indignant during Thursday’s floor session when two high-ranking Republican finance chairmen refused to yield to questions about the GOP’s ‘Phase One’ budget bill.

The two members, in this case, were Sens. Bill Ingebrigtsen and Mike Parry. They refused, which seemed to shock Cohen. “If this were a courtroom, I’d object,” he said on the floor. After the budget vote, Ingebrigtsen said he thought Cohen was simply looking for an argument.

Here’s video of the exchange:

No one we spoke to could recall the last time a senator had refused to yield in floor debate, although Ingebrigtsen maintained he’d seen it before.

Later in the day, the Republicans at the Capitol began circulating their own video of DFLers’ refusal to answer questions, this time from the end of the 2009 legislative session. Here’s that video:

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