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Air wars: This week’s TV ad roundup

Briana Bierschbach//October 22, 2010//

Air wars: This week’s TV ad roundup

Briana Bierschbach//October 22, 2010//

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It’s getting down to the final days of the 2010 campaign season, and candidates and third-party groups are rapidly releasing television ads in the Minnesota governor’s race before Election Day arrives.

Independence Party candidate Tom Horner released two ads this week, focusing on the theme of dysfunction in the two party system. Both DFL nominee Mark Dayton and Republican Tom Emmer released ads within the last week. Emmer’s ad focused on the theme of creating jobs, and Dayton’s spot buffered himself from GOP attacks and looks at his plan for the state’s future.

For third-party groups, Republican-friendly Minnesota’s Future has made a $1 million air buy, and pro-business group MN Forward is rumored to be working on another ad.

Instead of coming out with something new, labor-backed Alliance for a Better Minnesota has pumped $600,000 into an ad buy to re-air an old ad between now and Nov 2.

The group will replay the spot that goes after Emmer’s past DUI’s by featuring mother Margaret Everson, whose son was killed by a drunk driver. Both DFL and GOP operatives agree that the ad has been the most powerful of the campaign season, hitting home especially with women voters.

Here is a rundown of this week’s ads:

Horner’s new ads.

Dayton’s new ad.

Emmer’s ad.

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