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Best Buy has given $25,000 to both the RGA and DGA, while United Healthcare has given $175,000 to the RGA and more than $125,000 to the DGA.

Best Buy, United Healthcare give big to RGA, DGA

Minnesota-based companies Target and Best Buy took flack earlier this cycle for their large donations to MN Forward, a business-backed political outfit that has run ads in favor of Republican Tom Emmer, drawing the ire of gay rights groups across the country.

But one of those companies — Best Buy — is somewhat playing both sides, it seems. According to recent IRS filings, the company has given $25,000 to each the Democratic Governor’s Association and the Republican Governor’s Association, two national outfits that have spent as much as $2 million on the race in Minnesota by some estimates. United Healthcare has also given sizable amounts of money to each group: $175,000 to the RGA and $125,000 to the DGA, according to the filings.

Playing both sides politically when it comes to campaign donations and spending is nothing new for companies with a number of interests spread around the country and the globe. And for Best Buy’s part, its donations to MN Forward have certainly had a more direct impact on the Minnesota governor’s race, while its donations to the RGA and DGA would be expected to be spread around any number of races around the country.

But it is notable that the two large Minnesota-based companies have not only gotten involved with local groups, but with national gubernatorial campaigns. Still, when it comes to large sums Minnesota money flowing to the two governor’s associations, the RGA has the clear advantage: Aside from the $200,000 from Best Buy and United Healthcare, the RGA has received $225,000 from Travelers and $10,000 from Hubbard Broadcasting. Best Buy and United Healthcare are the only two large Minnesota-based business backers for the DGA, according to the filings.

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