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Magazine says more state legislatures could fall to Republicans than previously estimated. Minnesota House and Senate are likely to remain Democratic.

Governing: Democrats’ electoral prospects worsening in state legislatures

Minnesota House chamber

Minnesota House chamber

In a bad sign Democrats’ prospects nationwide in November, nonpartisan Governing magazine this week increased the number on its list of Democratic-controlled state legislatures that are vulnerable.

Fortunately for DFLers, Minnesota isn’t among the state legislatures that Republicans are likely to flip.

However, Minnesota ranks as likely Democratic, which is one step down from safe Democratic. Between the state House and Senate, Governing thinks the House is a more likely takeover opportunity for Republicans than the Senate. They also held the House as more vulnerable during their last survey in July.

“The House has more seats in play, in part because the DFL currently occupies a number of seats that, by the numbers, ought to be held by the GOP. A takeover of the House is unlikely, but not out of the question. The Senate, meanwhile, has interesting matchups, but it is considered less likely to flip,” according to the magazine.

Back in July, there were 21 chambers held by Democrats that were in play compared to four for the Republicans. Right now, the magazine considers 25 chambers in play that are controlled by Democrats.

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