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A new KSTP/SurveyUSA poll shows incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann with a nine-point lead over her Democratic challenger, state. Sen. Tarryl Clark.

KSTP/SurveyUSA poll: Bachmann leads Clark in CD 6 race

Rep. Michele Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachmann

A new KSTP/SurveyUSA poll shows incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann with a nine-point lead over her Democratic challenger, state. Sen. Tarryl Clark.

The numbers show the second-term congresswoman with 49 percent, Clark coming in at 40 percent, and Independence Party candidate Bob Anderson with 6 percent. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percent, and surveyed 800 registered voters and 582 likely voters.

In the previous SurveyUSA poll from two months ago, Bachmann led Clark 48 to 39 percent.

The race for Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District is ramping up to be the most expensive House race in the country this year, given Bachmann’s high national profile and Democrats desire to see her out of office. Both factors are bringing in campaign cash in the millions.


  1. how can anyone intelligent vote for bachmann?

    (yes I know I sound like Reid from Nevada)

  2. Intelligent vote for Bachmann? No such animal! An intelligent vote would be for Clark! Help save us all! GB America!!

  3. I can’t wait to stop hearing the insanity spewed by bachmann.

  4. What is wrong with the Minnesotans in the district? How can they choose crazy over experienced, rational Tarryl Clark?

  5. I’m in the district. People for Bachman because their airyways and newspapers are filled messages of hate and deception and no one including anyone from Clark’s group will point it out. I’ll give you one of a list that could go into the hundreds. Most people in my district believe that public school teachers can tell a child not to pray in the public schools. That’s what they believe the law is and that is why they believe Republicans to overturn the law. Over the years, I’ve counted six editorials, ten lady’s lunches and hundreds of comments to that effect. Of course, you say that’s completely idiotic especially given the 2004 ruling by the Supreme court and anyone with a second grade education ought to do know that any teacher who did that would be breaking the law and would be fired. And yet, these people have never heard anything else in their lives.

    Plus, Bachmann’s major county is Streans County! Look it up! Stearns Country Syndrome! It’s disease and tells you this is a closed community with a great deal of indoctrination going on particularly through the radio, emails, whisper campaigns, and churches.

    I’m a public relations expert and the only way to confront that is with a direct counterattack that destroys the credibility and legitimacy of their sources of information but the democrats always take a cowardly approach based on Edward Bernays campaigns for the NACCP. It’s a absurdly stupid misapplication of his principles. Edward Bernays approach was to show African Americans contribute positively to society which makes society more productive and prosperous. Yet, that is exactly Michelle Bachmann’s message. Tarryl Clark simply says she’ll work hard for us but fails to define what working hard means or how it will influence the voters individuals personally. so there are two really stupid types in this district (1) The Republicans and (2) the public relations “experts” for the democractic campaigns in this district. It’s very sad to watch. If you want to do some good in this district tell Tarryl Clark to fire her campaign manager. He’s a moron.

  6. Michelle has demonstrated that she has the guts to stand up to the elite in both parties. If some of these Lefty commentators had half her brains they would be twice as smart as they are. The people are behind Baachmann. I wished I lived in her district just to vote for her.

  7. Tarryl Clark is a joke. And she played dirty politics by absconding with an audio clip of Michelle saying, “I’m Michelle Bachmann and I approve this message” on one of Tarryl’s OWN commercials.

    That’s misleading and dirty politics. Approve of your own lies, Taxin’ Tarryl!

  8. Tarryl Clark’s latest campaign ad featuring profanity (bleeped to comply with FTC) is a step down from the mire in which Clark was already wallowing. Such an amateur prank had to come from a campaign short of funds, short of spirit, and short of integrity.

    In honor of Tarryl Clark’s desperation, I have doubled my past donations to Michelle Bachmann’s campaign, and I’m urging my many friends from Tea Party events across this country to do likewise. Meanwhile, I have heard that the Democratic House Campaign Committee is cutting its losses, withdrawing support from Democratic candidates in House races Nancy Pelosi thinks they cannot win. How about that, Clark supporters! Has Tarryl Clark gotten her dead tuna yet?

    A “public relations expert” self-styled who commits to record a shallow judgment, “Republicans are really stupid” is beneath contempt, wriggling in the mud somewhere under Tarryl Clark’s asterisk. Thank you, mydis, for helping motivate me to donate more money to Michelle.

  9. Michelle Bachman is a moron and a religious nutbar. She cares only for rich elites. She needs to be given the boot this Fall.

  10. It’s sickening and disturbing that anyone could possibly vote for someone as divisive, incompetent, and stupid as Michelle Bachman. It is simply amazing. Bachman’s IQ isn’t even average. This the who Minnesotans want representing them? It is hard to believe that Minnesotans could be so blind.

  11. Michelle Bachmann is an embarrassment to Minnesota. The only silver lining in electing her again is she increases donations by democrats all across the country.

    How many obviously stupid things does she need to say before her supporters realize how unqualified she is for any political office? Look stuff up yourselves! Don’t let Fox do your thinking for you!!

  12. Minnesotans…. oh, yes. aren’t these the same bunch who elected the wrestler, snake oil, baldie as their Governor?

    They don’t live in trailers only because their Mama said they will freeze to death if they did. Otherwise they are made of the same trailer trash stock.

  13. Michelle is working on setting up classes to teach our House representatives about the Declaration and the U.S. Constitution. Unbelievable that lefties would oppose anyone who is willing to put out the extra effort to help them meet their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution. I thought those on the left loved the country and what it is supposed to stand for, but maybe they are more dedicated to party than the country.

  14. I live in the sixth Bachman does not care what we think I am not sure who is voting for her but wish they would stop she is more interested in her own agenda that what is going on here.

  15. Bachmann = the new Neo Conservative. Nuff said!

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