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Sweatin’ for votes in Eagan

Betsy Sundquist//July 3, 2010

Sweatin’ for votes in Eagan

Betsy Sundquist//July 3, 2010

Political candidates, disdaining the 90-degree heat and the sticky humidity, were out in force this morning at Eagan’s Fourth of July parade (which, it should be noted, was a Third of July parade this year, but let’s not nitpick).

Here’s what we saw.

DFL gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza presses the flesh.

DFL gubernatorial hopeful Matt Entenza searched for flesh to press.

Republican gubernatorial endorsee Tom Emmer attended in spirit.

U.S. Rep. John Kline regarded his constituents.

Republican Ted Daley, who is challenging Sen. Jim Carlson, wore a shirt to clear up any confusion.

Republican Diane Anderson, challenging Rep. Sandra Masin, was followed by a helpful arrow bearer.

Dan Powers, the DFL endorsee to challenge U.S. Rep. John Kline, courted future voters …

… and so did Matt Entenza …

… and Stephen Baker, running for a First Judicial District judgeship.

Pat Anderson, running for state auditor, was represented by her ever-present inflatable bulldog.

Incumbent Judge Timothy Blakely cruised in a vintage Mustang …

… while supporters of Doug Wardlow, challenging Rep. Mike Obermueller, rode in a more prosaic conveyance.

A supporter of Sen. Jim Carlson, DFL-Eagan.

Cheerful supporters of Rep. Sandra Masin, DFL-Eagan.

Rep. Mike Obermueller: Working for yo.

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