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Daddy’s little girl v. daddy

Dana Soderberg recently graduated from Southern Connecticut State University. If I were her, I would start studying for the LSAT, because she has a future as an attorney. (story here)

Soderberg had her father sign a contract that he would pay for her college tuition after her parent’s divorce. Lo and behold when it came time for the father Howard to honor the contract in his daughter’s senior year, he welshed on the deal. Dana took out a loan to pay for her final year of college and then promptly sued old dad for breach of contract. She won because the judge found she was the more believable party. Dana was awarded around $47,000, including the loan, interest, attorney fees and missed car insurance payments.

Let that be a lesson to all you parents out there, your kids will remember the promises you make, especially if you put them in writing.


  1. How about using “reneged” as a verb instead of an ethnic slur?

  2. Agree completely with Anonymous. Very poor word choice.

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