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PUC promotes telephone assistance programs

Staff//September 11, 2009

PUC promotes telephone assistance programs

Staff//September 11, 2009

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is promoting Lifeline Awareness Week beginning today.

The purpose of the awareness week is to publicize two public-assistance programs, Lifeline and Link-Up Assistance, which provide discounts to help residents afford local telephone service.

Under the federal Lifeline program, residents who are eligible for some public- assistance programs are entitled to a basic telephone-service discount of at least $10 per month. The Link-Up Assistance program provides a 50 percent reduction in the telephone service installation charge, up to a maximum of $30, for qualifying households that don’t currently have telephone service.

Midwest Wireless and Western Wireless, which does business as Alltel under Verizon Wireless, and RCC MN are the only wireless companies that are obligated to provide Lifeline and Link-Up Assistance in MInnesota.

To apply for the benefits, residents can contact their local telephone companies, wireless carriers or the PUC, (651) 296-0406 or (800) 657-3782, or via e-mail at [email protected]. Applications are available online at

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