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Bachmann joins Paulsen on GOP ‘key race’ (aka most vulnerable) list

Another Minnesota congressional representative has joined Rep. Erik Paulsen on the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) list of "key races" in 2010 — code for "most vulnerable to be bounced out of office."

Controversy sparkplug Rep. Michele Bachmann has become the second Minnesotan in the NRCC’s "Patriot Program," which the organization’s website describes thus: "The NRCC ‘Patriot Program’ is the formalized mechanism by which potentially targeted incumbents commit themselves to meet rigorous goals that will strengthen their campaigns to ensure victory. These ‘Patriots’ who work tirelessly to build winning campaigns do so with the full support and participation of the NRCC and the entire House leadership.

"Working with the NRCC, Patriots develop aggressive goals (and detailed plans to meet those goals) for fundraising, coalitions outreach, grassroots development, eCampgin operations, volunteer recruitment and a number of additional aspects of their re-election campaigns."

Put more bluntly: If those on the "Patriot" list don’t meet the NRCC’s "aggressive goals," they can expect no financial help from the NRCC, according to Roll Call.

The NRCC, which originally announced 10 members of the Patriot Program, just announced that it’s adding 15 more members. The 25 members on the list will compete to become one of a final 10 candidates selected to participate in the NRCC’s next "Patriot Day" — a one-day fundraising event that brought in almost $100,000 during its June outing.

The Swing State Project, a blog that covers political news in swing states, says Bachmann is in "real danger" in 2010; she is one of three NRCC "Patriots" elected with the lowest margins of victory in 2008, three percentage points or less.

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