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Sullivan in 2010

GOP National Committeeman Brian Sullivan made an
interesting move this morning: He ran a booth offering free coffee and
juice to delegates as they entered the convention hall.

No signs were displayed, the coffee and juice were "compliments of Brian Sullivan."

Such a move usually signals "aspiring candidate." Wouldn’t be surprised.

The 2002 GOP endorsement contest between Sullivan and Tim Pawlenty
was long, hard, bitter and downright nasty. Most people assumed
Sullivan would win. He didn’t, but in the ensuing years Sullivan has
been gracious about the loss and a terrific defender of Pawlenty in
Minnesota public squares like the Almanac couch.

If Sullivan runs for Governor in 2010, he begins the race as a strong
front-runner. Such a race assumes that Pawlenty doesn’t run for a
third term or that he’s comfortably ensconsed in Number One Observatory Circle.

I asked Sullivan about the beverage swag. He smiled and noted he’s
running for reelection as National Committeeman. That’s true but he’s
running unopposed. Sullivan responded, "Well, then I’m just a nice

Nice guy? Yes. Future candidate? Probably.

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