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CLE with lawyer lawmakers worth getting up for

Oddly, one of my favorite educational programs at last week’s Minnesota State Bar Association convention was one of the most sparsely attended (of the ones I went to, anyway). Called “There Ought to be a Law,” it traced the most effective ways to lobby lawmakers for change. The panelists included two lawyer lawmakers — Joe Atkins and Julianne Ortman — and a lawyer who lobbied for some modifications in construction laws (Dean Thomson). MSBA lobbyist Lloyd Grooms was the moderator. So given that the info was both interesting and valuable, why were only a handful of folks there?

Sigh. It was scheduled for early Friday morning on the final day of the convention. Not helping matters, there was a large window behind the panelists affording a view of a picture-perfect June day. Not to mention the night before there was the President’s Reception, New Lawyers Section After-Hours Social and the New Lawyers After-After-Hours Social (those new lawyers do like to party!). The latter event featured one young woman lawyer doing a singing and dancing rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s “These boots were made for walking” (while wearing fashionable white high-top boots yet). The entertainment interlude was apparently to pay off some sort of bet. However, I promised not to name names. What happens at the bar convention, stays at the bar convention.

In any event, I got up bright and early Friday morning to go to the presentation, and it was well worth it. Perhaps we will write something on the topic in Minnesota Lawyer for those who felt compelled to sleep in.

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