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00-2800-CR State v. Gipson

Minnesota Lawyer//July 30, 2001//

00-2800-CR State v. Gipson

Minnesota Lawyer//July 30, 2001//

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The State appeals from a pretrial order suppressing the statements given to a police officer in a postpolygraph interview. The trial court ruled that the statements given by Anthony L. Gipson in the interview were so closely related to the actual polygraph examination that it should be considered one event, thus rendering the statements inadmissible. The State claims that the trial court erred when it granted the motion to suppress because the statements were admissible under postpolygraph interview law.

Because the postpolygraph statements were admissible, we reverse.

This opinion will not be published.

Dist I, Milwaukee County, Madden, J., Per Curiam


For Appellant: David J. Becker, Madison; Lovell Johnson Jr., Milwaukee

For Respondent: Calvin R. Malone, Milwaukee

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