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Police ‘Spam cans’ target Maplewood car thieves

Right out of the box, Maplewood's new anti-vehicle-theft technology has proved its effectiveness. The system - essentially three camera-bearing, Spam-can shaped boxes hanging off the city's unmarked squad car - nabbed a stolen vehicle two days after it was deployed earlier this month.

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The 'iLawyers' have it

Apropos to absolutely nothing, I replaced my old cell phone (a Motorola RAZR) with an iPhone this weekend. If you have not checked out iPhones yet, they are definitely worth looking into. Not only do they have a sleek-looking display, ...

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New BlackBerry comes equipped with WiFi

If the thought of cruising a WiFi network on a BlackBerry makes your mouth water, grab a napkin before reading further. Device maker Research In Motion today officially announced the much-anticipated BlackBerry 8820—its first phone with WiFi capability. Of course, ...

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CrackBerry withdrawal, anyone?

First, the good news: BlackBerry service has been restored after an overnight outage that left millions without e-mail access on their cherished devices. The bad news is that you’re now acutely aware of your CrackBerry addiction. Research in Motion, the ...

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