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Supporters look to build on Olmstead Plan

The release of Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan on Nov. 1 was met with guarded enthusiasm by many of the state’s advocates for improved services for the disabled. The plan, a court-mandated strategy to improve long-term services for people with disabilities, is a broad, ambitious outline, and was arrived at after nearly a full year of cooperation among eight state agencies.

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Disability groups rally for 5 percent funding increase in 2014

The increase would cost about $86 million in the current budgeting period, and advocates are hoping there will be extra cash in the state’s coffers after the November and February budget forecasts.

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Group homes to push for 5 percent hike next year

A new coalition of advocates for the elderly and disabled in Minnesota is planning an aggressive campaign to persuade legislators to pass a 5 percent increase in their budget next session, which would cost the state an additional $86 million in the current budgeting period.

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House HHS bill seeks to mitigate targeted cuts

When the House budget target for health and human services was released last month, it was greeted with cries of disbelief. Given that the DFL-controlled Legislature planned to increase taxes by roughly $2 billion, the common refrain went, how was it possible that they planned to cut $150 million in cuts to health and human services?

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Providers parse voluminous HHS bill

On the spreadsheet outlining the details of Minnesota’s $11 billion health and human services budget, “Managed Care Contracting Reform” is booked for a savings of $135 million in the current biennium. That amounts to more than 10 percent of the $1.2 billion in cuts agreed to by GOP legislative leaders and Gov. Mark Dayton’s administration.

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