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Good news, bad news for transportation projects

For fans of road and bridge improvements, the 2014 legislative session was sort of like winning the consolation prize instead of the big stuffed animal in the ring-toss game at the State Fair.

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Bill calls for ‘gross receipts’ sales tax on gas

A state transportation bill introduced last Friday includes a gas sales tax that would help road improvement funds keep pace with inflation, an idea that has the strong support of transportation backers but is likely to face stiff resistance in an election year.

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Transportation funding headed for ‘cliff’

State lawmakers and transportation advocates have their summer homework cut out for them in crafting a politically feasible way to begin addressing a projected $20 billion shortfall in the state’s transportation funding over the next two decades.

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Hennepin County wheelage is tax gaining support

The majority of Hennepin County commissioners appear to support a proposal to tack on an extra $10 to vehicle registration tab renewals to better maintain the county’s road system.

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Hennepin County looks at wheelage tax

Hennepin County is considering a proposal to impose a $10 wheelage tax on motor vehicles – a funding source that county officials say could raise $9 million annually to maintain the county’s road system.

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