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AG finds $6B error in Destination Medical Center subsidy

The formula that determines how much state money the project receives requires about $6 billion more in private investments for the project to get the full state match, according to an opinion the Minnesota Attorney General’s office.

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Shutdown hearing: No ruling, but Gearin signals hard landing ahead

When the throng of observers showed up at Ramsey County District Court on Thursday morning, filling the court of Judge Kathleen Gearin and spilling into the hallway outside the chamber’s open doors, most felt confident that Gearin would concoct some variation on the shutdown operations plan created by the courts in 2005 -- and that, by day’s end, they would know in general terms what gets funded in a shutdown and what does not.

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AG Swanson raises most money in re-election bid, Ritchie and Otto close behind

Out of the three DFL constitutional officers in Minnesota, it was Attorney General Lori Swanson who raised the most money in her re-election bid, taking in $141,000 with $203,000 in the bank.

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